Affordable Rental Housing Program

Program Overview
The Affordable Rental Housing Program (ARHP) provides one-time capital funding in the form of a forgivable loan to assist in the creation of affordable rental housing units throughout the province. The program is funded by the Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation (NLHC).

There are two distinct application streams – the Private Sector Stream (applications for the Private Sector Stream are now closed) and the Community Housing Sector Stream. Successful proponents will own and manage their project and rent to lower income households at or below rates established by NLHC. These rates will be based on annual rental market reports published by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

Program Criteria Private Sector Stream Community Housing Sector Stream
Eligible Proponents Private Owners/Operators Non-Profit Organizations
Housing Co-operatives
Indigenous Organizations
Funding Per Unit $55,000-$95,000 $125,000-$180,000
Affordability Period 15-20 years 25-30 years
Max. Household Incomes $42,000 $38,000
Application Window Round 1: June-August 31, 2023 Open-ended (subject to change)

What determines the funding level?
The funding amount is derived from a combination of project location and incentive criteria designed to encourage viable projects and target desired program outcomes. An online self-assessment tool is available to help determine the level of available financial assistance.

  • Geographical Location: Location impacts the capital cost of an affordable housing project as the value and availability of land, labour and materials vary throughout the province. Project regions are assigned for Labrador, St. John’s CMA and Island Communities.
  • Duration of Affordability: Projects that commit to a longer period of affordable rents will receive additional financial incentives.
  • Energy Efficiency: Projects that exceed minimum energy efficiency requirements will further reduce heating costs for tenants and will receive additional financial incentives.
  • Accessibility of Units: Projects that exceed minimum accessibility requirements will receive additional financial incentives.
  • Proximity to Healthcare: Locating affordable housing units in close proximity to healthcare amenities will receive additional financial incentives.

Housing projects that support the development of age-friendly communities enable Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, including older adults with disabilities, to age in place with dignity and autonomy. For example, housing projects that include social or well-being multipurpose areas, inside and/or outdoors, contribute to age friendly design. Please contact the Affordable Housing Manager at or 709-853-0961 to discuss potential options for incorporating these elements, including related costs, within your project.

Additional Program Details

  • Projects may be developed through new construction, conversion of a non‐residential building or an addition to an existing residential structure.
  • Projects must have a minimum of four units.
  • Funding is available for up to a maximum of 20 units for the Community Housing Sector Stream. To incentivize mixed-income models, the Private Sector Stream may receive per unit funding for the first 10 units of a project and 50 per cent of the units thereafter, up to the maximum of 20 funded units. For example, NLHC will provide per unit funding on the first 15 units in a 20-unit project, 18 units in a 26-unit project, or 20 units in a 30-unit project. Units not funded by NLHC would not be considered part of the ARH program and may be rented at market rates.
  • The maximum monthly rental rates are established by NLHC, based upon the rental market reports developed annually by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. The following rates are applicable as of June 2023:
Rate Type Private Sector Rates Community Housing Sector Rates
Bedroom Bachelor 1 BR 2 BR 3 BR Bachelor 1 BR 2 BR 3 BR
St. John’s CMA $665 $730 $880 $840 $585 $645 $775 $740
Island Communities $650 $700 $795 $820 $575 $620 $705 $725
Labrador $665 $730 $880 $840 $585 $645 $775 $740
  • Projects must adhere to the technical requirements outlined in the request for proposals document, including visitable, universal design and accessibility requirements, in addition to all applicable building codes. Units must be of modest criteria and be self-contained residential units with a private kitchen and bathroom facilities. Institutional premises and personal care homes are not eligible.
  • NLHC will secure the forgivable loan with a registered mortgage, amortized over the life of the affordability period and operating agreement with the proponent.
  • Proponent submissions will be evaluated for demonstrated housing need and amenities available in their selected community to support the project, the capacity to deliver and manage the project, and the financial viability and sustainability of the project.

How to Apply

  • Both Private and Community Housing Sector Stream applications will be available below (applications for the Private Sector Stream are now closed.)
  • Proposals can be submitted by courier, mail or hand delivery to:
    • Newfoundland Labrador Housing Corporation 3rd Floor, Sir Brian Dunfield Building
      2 Canada Drive, P.O. Box 220 St. John’s, NL A1C 5J2
      Attention: Manager, Affordable Housing
  • You may contact the Manager of Affordable Housing at or 709-853-0961 for more information or assistance responding to the proposal call.
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